Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Origins

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Origins is a free, open source fangame based on the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, built for desktop computers. It does not require a rom to run, and features a developer mode to create one's own fan projects.

This project is dubbed "Origins" for its ground-up approach to gameplay. Just as how the anime series Pokémon Origins returned to the franchise's roots in a way closer to the source material, so too does PMDO aim to return to PMD's roots as both a roguelike, and a Pokémon game.



In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Origins, you control a team of Pokémon, and explore Guildmaster Island. Your goal is to reach the fabled summit, and earning the right to lead a guild yourself. Remeniscient of Sky Peak arc in Explorers of Sky, you will find many other teams with similar goals and stories. Befriend wild Pokémon with apricorns to add them to your team, and build an assembly of Pokémon worthy of reaching the top!


  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon's roguelike battle system. Enemies move only after you move. Take your time to plan and strategize.
  • Randomized dungeons that break out from the traditional boxy room-and-hall structures.
  • A unique catalog of items, including old favorites such as the Pierce Orb, main series tools such as the Choice Scarf, and original utilities such as the Assembly Box.
  • A Team Mode toggle, allowing players to control each team member's individual turns in those tough situations that require coordinated efforts.
  • A unique recruitment system: Apricorns are scattered throughout the dungeon and can be thrown at wild Pokémon to function identically to the main series's Pokéballs.
  • Moves/Abilities are tweaked to suit a battle system that pays closer attention to range and positioning.
  • Supports XBox and Switch Pro Controllers, and key/button remapping.
  • Online Trade, Online/Offline Rescue.
  • Modding support allows you to make your own maps, special episodes, or even a full game!



The game is created using FNA, and a custom roguelike engine created from scratch. All open source:

  • RogueEssence - a generic base for creating graphical roguelikes.
  • RogueElements - a highly extensible dungeon generation system.